Face Care: 5 Everyday Steps For Beauty

Face Care: 5 Everyday Steps For BeautyProper and regular facial treatment from youth gives health and youth for many years. Sometimes, forgetting about simple rules, we make mistakes when selecting a face cream or tonic. In order not to harm facial skin and achieve the effect of freshness and beauty, you need to make these 5 simple steps.

Determine the type of facial skin

Conditionally, there are four skin types – normal, dry, oily or combination skin (mixed type). In order to determine your type correctly, beauticians recommend the following procedure: after two or three hours after washing, blot your face on a paper towel. If your skin is oily, there will be moisture on the napkin and you will see an oily stain, if the skin is dry or normal – the paper will stay the same. Excessive accumulation of moisture in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and at the same time dryness in the area of cheeks, temples, neck and around the eyes – signs of combination skin. If you notice that your skin is prone to sloughing and irritation, then it’s dry.

Choosing the right cosmetics

After you have determined the type of facial skin, you need to choose appropriate face care products – cleansing milk and gel, facial tonic, face cream and mask that are right for you in all parameters.

When choosing cosmetics, pay attention to the ingredients. It’s extremely important not to use face care products containing alcohol and eucalyptus. Such components are contraindicated for young skin.

Don’t believe a “panacea”. In fact, there is no cream that immediately eliminates all the problems, moisturizes facial skin, and does it with “a visible effect after the first application.” It isn’t true, because the process of skin turn over can’t be instantaneous.


During the day our skin is exposed to real threats – dust, carbon monoxide, sweat, tonal creams and other factors strongly pollute it. Therefore, a person needs the correct, and most importantly regular cleansing twice a day. Be sure to rinse the makeup with a special cleansing milk or tonic with a neutral pH. They are designed for gentle skin cleansing.

If you apply makeup, don’t be lazy and wash it off before going to bed. Nights in makeup contribute to the growth of bacteria and the clogging of pores.

Tonic your skin

After cleansing, it’s necessary to tonic the face. It will give your skin plasticity. To do this, you can use a tonic from a pharmacy or cosmetics store, or easily make it at home.

For the freshness effect of the facial skin, make chamomile tea, let it brew for 15-20 minutes and pour into ice containers. You can soothe the skin wiping your face with chamomile in the morning and evening. You can also use micellar water, special masks or tonic creams.

Moisturize facial skin

This is the final stage of daily face care. After cleansing and toning, use a cream suitable for your age and skin type. For young skin, choose a light gel or cream with a moisturizing effect. For adult skin you need a more saturated and nutritious cream. It’s important to apply a thin coat of the cream, evenly spreading it over the face.

Finally, don’t forget that proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle and good mood are your faithful assistants on the way to a beautiful and shining face.