It Suits You

After that 2012 resolution to hit the gym much more than you have, you want to be able to show off all of your hard work. The teeny-weeny shorts are not good for everyone, despite how small you are. What you need to do is find a swimsuit that allows you to rock your new body while keeping things classy. Here are some things to keep in mind as you go shopping for suits.

For those of you that have a large chest, it is important that your swimming suit has support. People think that support is just for older women or their grandmothers, but this is not true at all! Support can make you feel so much better in a suit and you look great too. Victoria’s Secret has some suits that would be good, support wise, and would look good on you as well. Their Magicsuit line is especially fitting for a flattering look. The important thing is that you do not embellish your bust line because that will only make you look top heavy.

If you have a small chest, then you can play around with ruffles and patterns and such on your suits. Even a bikini can have a fun and funky top, but it will not make you look top heavy, only a bit more balanced as far as ratios go. Polka dots are good as far as patterns go. Target actually has some great suits for small busted women, their halter top bikinis have the perfect amount of ruching and the halter design emphasizes the shoulders and chest (something that would not be good for a person with a large chest). Halter is also good for people who are pear-shaped in body type because it makes the shoulders appear stronger and draws attention away from the hips and thighs. Also, vertical patterns are ideal because they lengthen the torso and emphasize the vertical image of your body and not the larger, horizontal view.

Plus-size women have much difficulty finding suits. Do not be discouraged! There are so many good and attractive suits out there for you, you just need to know what style is best. Wrapping around the front, even the faux kind, slims you and gives you a very powerful definition for you waist. Vertical patterns are good for you as well, anything to give you a better, longer line. For full coverage, including your bottom, go for something with a small swim skirt because that can help to hide some details down that way and across your front. Some swim skirts even go up farther on your torso which help to control the muffin-top look that everyone experiences.

Everyone else, it really is up to you now to find a suit that is good for you. Everyone is different and everyone’s body is subject to change. It really depends on what you feel best in as to what you feel comfortable in at the pool. The most attractive quality is confidence, so if you do not feel like you can rock a suit then you can’t. However, if you feel like a million dollar bill in a suit, then you will have the confidence to back up the suit and you will be much more attractive in that.