What To Do If You Lose A Tooth In An Accident Or Injury

For most people the only time you have to experience losing a tooth is during childhood or through a dental procedure.  However, during an accident or other trauma to the face you may find yourself having lost a tooth.  While losing a permanent tooth can be serious, it can be resolved by an emergency dentist if you act quickly.  Here’s what you should do if you lose a tooth during an accident or injury:

  • As soon as you can after the loss of the tooth visit a dentist.  A dentist can help to check all of your teeth to ensure that they are still seated well.  In the case of a tooth loss the dentist can inspect the tooth and the area of the gum to determine the best treatment.
  • A tooth that is still in one piece without fracture or breaks can be reinserted in the gums for up to sixty minutes following loss.  If it is reinserted during this time there is a chance for it to remain in its position.  The sooner the tooth can be replaced the better.  You or someone with you can immediately replace the tooth after the accident if it is in good condition.  Make sure that both the tooth and the area of the gums are clean before reinserting.  You will know the tooth is in correctly if it does not move when you bite your teeth together.
  •  If there is other damage to the tooth or to the gums and immediate reinsertion is not possible it is important to get to the dentist as quickly as possible.  The tooth should be cleaned and stored appropriately while traveling to the dentist.  Older patients can place the tooth inside their mouth, under their tongue.  Other options include placing it in saline solution or warm milk.  By keeping the tooth properly hydrated it helps to give the best chance of it being able to be saved and re-implanted.
  • If the tooth becomes broken during the injury it will most likely not be able to be re-implanted.  A dentist will be able to tell for sure what damage has been done to the tooth and what options are available.
  • When you first get to the dentist office they will do a thorough exam of the injury.  They will check your gums as well as the missing tooth and the teeth in the surrounding area.  Your dentist will make sure that other areas of your mouth have not been affected by the accident.  If you have already reinserted your tooth they will check the alignment and how well it has reseated.  If you have brought the tooth with you and need it re-inserted the dentist will complete the procedure if possible.
  • If it is not possible to reinsert your tooth because of the damage to your teeth or gums, your dentist will talk to you about what other options you have.  These options could include a veneer, a partial, or other restorative procedures.

Losing a tooth due to an accident or injury can be a traumatic experience.  It is important to remember that a dentist is best suited to help you deal with a dental emergency.  Call your dentist as quickly as possible and go in for a complete exam of the affected area.  Your dentist can help to save your tooth.

Disability and Discrimination

Living with a disability, no matter how apparent it may be, is something that society teaches people to be ashamed of. By encouraging a culture that is free to mock those who are differently abled from the majority of people, society has created a social environment where many disabled people feel uncomfortable and unsafe. When it comes to how you treat other people, their level of disability ought to have no bearing on how you view them because it actually has no bearing over the kind of person they are. Unfortunately, not everyone sees things in this light. There are hundreds of thousands of cases filed every year in this country that detail the horrific ways that people with certain disabilities are taken advantage of, prejudiced against, and generally torn down as a community. This level of discrimination is absolutely appalling, but it continues to happen throughout the country. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to stop people from treating disabled folks in this way.

If you think that you have been discriminated against because of your disability, then call a disability lawyer in Atlanta right away. While it might sound intimidating to confront your tormentors with legal action, the reality is that most people will not stop their behavior unless they are compelled to do so. When you take the time, money, and effort away from yourself and invest it in a legal case that will expose a bigot for what he or she really is, then you see that there is much more good than bad that can come from confronting your problems head on. Discrimination in any form is an abhorrent issue that ought to be gotten rid of as soon as possible, but that’s not going to happen until people begin to publically expose those who participate in such forms of discriminate. It is no secret that people who suffer from severe disabilities are often looked down upon, for no good reason. This is a saddening truth that people who are living with disabilities have to live with every day. With the help of a disability lawyer, you don’t have to add your name to the roster of people who were discriminated against because of their disability. Instead, you can add your name to the list of people who used their equal access to legal representation to their advantage by hiring a lawyer to make sure every discriminatory boss, co-worker, and service provider will be punished for their bigoted behaviors. Additionally, hiring a disability lawyer will help you to understand just what it is that you are entitled to. There are laws in place to protect people with disabilities from being discriminated against. The more you know about these laws, the better able you will be to recognize how important they are.

The Art of Shaving

Shaving today is usually a quick scrape-over with a quadruple blade while singing in a hot shower. There was a time though, when shaving was a relaxing visit with friends, exchanging heated words about the ball game, while hot towels softened rough faces.

A visit to the barber was required for the first shaves. While relaxing back in the barber chair, hot towels were applied to the face to soften the beard. A straight razor was honed on a leather strop. A badger hair brush was whisked across a puck of Bay Rum or Old Spice soap, creating a creamy lather for the wet shave. When the towels were removed the barber worked quickly, pulling the skin taut and scraping the straight razor over the skin, removing the hair. When the shaving was finished, a brisk slap of Bay Rum aftershave left the skin tingling and smelling good. For the inevitable nicks, a styptic pencil or powder was ready to stop the bleeding. The art of shaving was shared in these weekly meetings with other men.

As time went on, men bought their own straight razors and decided to forego the weekly barbershop visit and camaraderie in favor of shaving at home. A basic straight razor kit would include a straight razor, a leather strop for honing the razor, a brush and a good soap.

Newer ‘safety razors’ came along, having replaceable blades on both sides of the head. A stand would hold the razor, a brush and a mug or bowl for the soap of choice. Standing in a towel, shaving in a foggy mirror replaced the barber chair experience.

Today, electric razors with rotating heads have replaced blade shaving. A quick buzz over the face before heading out the door allows for a clean shave in a few seconds. Splash on a little cologne and run out the door.

The art of shaving seems to have been lost in faster, modern technology. A small group of gentleman have decided that fast does not always mean better. Men are giving up the quick dry shave in favor of the wet shave of their grandfathers. Growing numbers of men are scouring the internet, searching out shaving kits with pewter engraved bowls, stands that hold boar or badger hair brushes, and straight razors with maple burls. Hot, soapy shaves with almond, citrus or Old Spice fragrance are making a come back.

Who knows? In the coming years perhaps men will once again meet at the corner barber shop, sharing game scores and opinions while relaxing in a barber chair and enjoying the art of shaving.

How Dental Implants are Installed

Whenever you lose one or several teeth, you need to have them replaced. In dentistry, you have a number of alternatives. You can opt for dentures, permanent devices such as bridges or dental implants. The latter option consists of an object placed at the root of where the missing tooth once stood. A cap is then attached on top. The cap, also known as a crown, resembles your other set of teeth. This technique usually results in an artificial tooth that looks like and feels almost like the original tooth.

How does an implant look like?

Implants are made of titanium. They usually look like miniature screws or cylinders. Titanium does not harm your body. It actually becomes part of your jawbone. X-rays taken after installing titanium implants always show a compact jaw structure. It does not leave any space once you heal after undergoing surgery.

Installing a dental implant

The first thing is for the doctor to get your medical history. This procedure may require the input of two professionals, a general dentist and a prosthodontist. There are conditions that may not be ideal for a patient to have an implant. That is why a medical history is necessary. On the other hand, lifestyle habits such as smoking can make the implant not to bond with the surrounding bone cells.

The need for bone grafts

Another reason behind this check-up is for the dentist to ascertain that your jaws have sufficient material to sustain an implant. If there is a deficiency, then you will have to undergo grafting. This involves taking bone material from another part of the body and adding it to the jaw. This procedure can take place simultaneous to the implant installation or several months earlier.

Preparing the implant

The surgeon works together with the dentist and a lab technician. The team makes a device which, when attached to teeth near the replacement area, directs the prosthodotist on the right place to drill a hole. A prosthodontist is a dentist specializing in teeth replacements and reconstruction.  The surgeon drills a hole in the jawbone after which he places the root anchor. He can press or screw it inside the bone. He then closes the gum covering the titanium implant.

Final procedure

After 2-6 months, you have to go back for completion of the procedure. The dentist opens up your gum in order to reach the implant. By this time, your doctor ought to have made a replica crown. The crowns are made at a location away from the clinic. The process of customizing crowns takes about 2-3 weeks. He then takes the crown and screws it into place. The measurements must be right otherwise your artificial tooth may look out of proportion.

Saving Kits For Men

The shaving kit makes me think about my grandfather. When I was a young girl I would watch my grandfather shave. He would pull out his mug, brush, and razor. In those days, they had no towels, shaving cream or lotions. He would go to the back porch, take out his mirror, swish his brush down in the mug with soap, and apply it to his face. Then he would take his free hand and tighten up his skin. Next, he would press the razor against his skin and draw a line down to his chin this would continue until his face was completely shaved. Now, we have the portable shaving kits that have the bag, brush, razor, and lotions. We have come a long way since those days. The kits you can buy today come in all different sizes, fragrance, creams and lotions. The brushes are made from all types of material. The razors are even electric. Below we will discuss what is in the portable shaving kit
First, a shaving kit has to have a razor made of good quality steel and have a handle with a good grip. This is important because when the razor presses against the skin. You want to be careful not to cut or scare yourself. Often times when men have cut themselves shaving you see them walking around with little pieces of tissue stuck to their face. Some razors have single edge blades and others have doubled edged blades. The doubled edged blades give you a sharper cut each time .Electric razors just roll over the skin. They give you a closer cut and shorten the time it takes to shave. Electric razors use oil that must be applied to the blades before using. So, make sure you have the oil in your shaving kit.
Second, you need a brush with bristles that will hold the solution you are applying to your face. Some brushes are not of good quality. This will cause your solution to drop off the brush and end up on your clothing. The brush needs to have a thick handle to ensure a good grip. Brush handles are made of many different types of material, but mostly wood. The handle needs to be shaped in a way that a man’s hand can fit around it comfortably.
Third, we have the moisturizers for the skin. It may be a cream or a lotion. They soften up the skin and hair follicles to make shaving easier. Saving creams or lotions are a must for your shaving kit. These must applied to help prevent cuts and scares.

Tips For Improving Your Smile

When your teeth look good, you look and feel good. You may even smile more. It’s amazing how a great smile can effect your self esteem. If you’re not happy with your teeth and smile, there are many things you can do to improve them.
Brushing and flossing regularly are essential in maintaining a healthy mouth. It is also important to have regular dental check ups. Your dentist can spot problems head on and treat them before they become serious.
Yellowing from smoke or light stains from coffee or tea can be removed by using a whitening toothpaste. However, they are only good at removing surface stains, so if your stains are not that bad, you may want to try it. Most major brands of toothpaste have a whitening option. You may also wish to try whitening strips, which are available at most grocery and drug stores. These strips are safe to use on your teeth. If you already have dental work such as crowns or bridges, they will not be very effective at whitening them, however they will not harm your existing dental work. Using the strips are simple. You apply them to the top and bottom of your teeth, daily, for at least 30 minutes, for about 2 weeks. If you would like to see quicker and longer lasting results, it may be best to have this treatment done by your dentist. They can also offer teeth bleaching.
What about stains that are deeper then the surface? Teeth makeovers using cosmetic dentistry would be your best option. If you have unsightly discolored teeth, veneers will greatly improve your look. Not only are veneers used to fix discoloration, but also to fix chipped or broken teeth or any gaps you may have. If you decide to have this treatment done, the veneers will be permanently cemented on to your teeth. One good thing about veneers is they are stain resistant.
How about if you are tired of having crooked teeth? Braces are an option. Depending on which type of braces you choose, ceramic, metal or invisalign, will depend on how long you will need to wear them. If you do decide on braces, you will need to discuss with your dentist or hygienist what needs to be done to properly take care while wearing them.
Broken teeth or missing teeth will need crowns or bridges. Both are designed to look and act just like your normal teeth.
Your treatment options will vary depending on what needs to be done, as well as the amount of time and money you have. Consulting a dentist early on will help avoid costly treatments, that can be time consuming.
Call for your teeth makeover appointment today.

Cosmetic Surgery Costs

Each year more and more Americans decide to reinvent themselves when they choose cosmetic surgery. I saw this info graphic by locatedadoc and was blown away with the statistics it presents. I also couldn’t believe how affordable some of these procedures are. If you’ve ever considered a cosmetic procedure, either surgical or not, you should definitely check out this info graphic below!

Tips For A Beautiful Smile

Many people feel insecure about their teeth and are ashamed or embarrassed even to smile at all. However, there are plenty of ways to help enhance your smile and make it beautiful so that you can be confident when you show your pearly whites in public. Who wants to be ashamed of the way their teeth look? Get started today in getting a beautiful smile with these helpful tips listed below.

First off, it is absolutely vital to maintain your dental and oral health by visiting the dentist every six months for a complete dental cleaning and exam. This is probably the most important step towards a beautiful smile. During these visits your dentist can diagnose any mouth issues spotted such as gingivitis, cavities, or impacted wisdom teeth, all problems that in the long run can affect the way your smile looks.

Cavities, if left for too long, can cause the tooth to decay and lead to infection. This may lead to your tooth having to be pulled or to a painful root canal. Gingivitis is a gum disease that can cause long-term detrimental effects to your teeth such as receding gum lines and infection. Finally your wisdom teeth, which as located in the very back of your gum line, one on each side, can cause your teeth to shift if not removed, thereby affecting your smile as well.

The cleaning done during your visit will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and clean. This will keep your teeth healthy leading to a beautiful smile. If you simply keep up with your hygiene then your teeth and smile will show the results! Unfortunately, many people do not realize that just by visiting your dentist regularly you are doing a great deal for your smile.

You can visit genesisdental for more information about maintaining a beautiful smile. Other services to enhance your teeth involve teeth whitening. You can also have this done at your local dentist office when you feel your teeth are not giving off the desired effect. This is a great and generally inexpensive way to give you confidence in your smile. You can inquire about this service on genesisdental.net as well.

Perhaps you don’t like how your teeth look in general. Maybe they are crooked or not as straight as you would like them to be. No problem! Today you can practically invisible braces that will straighten your teeth gradually. All in all, there are many tips for a beautiful smile. The power is in your hands to get the smile you have always wanted!

Stress Relief the Healthy Three

Stress is a part of everyday life. There are several methods for relieving stress and the physical effects on the body. One method to relieve stress is to get a massage. Two other methods for stress relief are to use aroma therapy music and to listen to relaxing music to relax the mind and create a stress free environment.

People have used massage for centuries to relieve stress and as a remedy for pain in many cultures. In China Massage has been used in conjunction with breathing exercises and hand and feet exercises (Massage Therapy, 1998-2007). In India massage is still highly used for medical purposes and not just to relieve stress. (Massage Therapy, 1998-2007).

Massage helps relieve tension in the back, head and muscles. When a person is stressed his or her muscles tighten up. The tightness in the muscles reduces blood flow to the muscles in one’s head and neck and causes the muscle aches and tension headaches. A massage restores the blood flow to the affected muscles and releases any toxins in the muscles. A back massage chair is a great solution to stress.

Aroma Therapy is also a good way to relieve stress and to live a more peaceful life. Like massage, aroma therapy has been used for centuries as stress relief and for a wide range of medical problems. The Egyptians were one of the first civilizations to use aroma therapy. The practice spread from there to throughout the Mediterranean, China, and India. Today aroma therapy is widely used around the world (History of Aroma Therapy, 2007-2011).

Aroma Therapy uses essential oils that area released into the air to have the desired effect. For stress relief the most common scents used for stress relief are lavender, bergarnot, peppermint, veviter, and Ylang Ylang. All of these essential oils have qualities that raise moods, relax the mind and create a peaceful environment that allows the mind to unwind from stress.

Listening to relaxing music is another way to relieve stress. Relaxing music releases tension, and helps the mind relax by creating a relaxing environment. Classical or mostly instrumental music is most effective for stress relief. Recordings of sounds found in nature are also very relaxing and allows the mind to release the tension and relax at the end of stressful day.

These three methods for relieving stress are useful by themselves. When they are combined, they are more effective because the body responds to each differently. The massage directly affects the muscles. Aroma Therapy affects the environment by adding a desirable scent to the air that helps the body relax. Listening to music changes the environment by allowing the mind to take in the sound of the music and let the stress go.

Barber Tips

Getting a classic shave for men is as simple as going to the barber. When you go to the barber, you are able to get a shave that is so close and so clean that you didn’t think it was possible. Going to the barber is a great thing to do every once in a while, but for the most part you’re going to have to shave your own face to your satisfaction. However, if you are yearning for a barber shave without having to go all the way out to the barber, the alternative presents itself that perhaps you can learn to give yourself a barber shave! While it might seem impossible, you can learn to implement the same techniques that the barber uses with just a few easy tips.

Tip #1: Apply the shaving cream with a badger hair brush. Using a shaving brush like the one they use in the barber shop is a great idea. Because there are so many different kinds of shaving brushes, it might seem a little difficult to know which one is the best. As a rule of thumb, any badger hair shaving brush will give you a very clean and exfoliated application, and you are sure to love the texture of the brush on your face as you apply the shaving cream before your shave.

Tip #2: Invest in a straight razor. The barber in the barber shop uses a straight razor to shave you, and there is really no reason why you wouldn’t want to have that same close shave at home. While straight razors are very dangerous when improperly handled, if you have been to the barber shop and seen how they are used, then you know that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to straight razors. If you are not very familiar with the straight razor, then you could go to your local barber and ask all the information you need in order to more fully understand how it can be such an effective tool.

Tip #3: Let yourself relax. When most men go to the barber shop, they do so with the intent to relax a little bit and let someone else take care of their shaving needs. This is a very therapeutic outlook to have on the shaving process as a whole. Even though you are the person who shaves your face every morning, you don’t have to adopt the idea that you can’t use your shaving time as a time to relax. When you invest in good shaving tools, you can rest assured knowing that you will be getting a great shave. Carry that mindset with you are you perform the shaving process, and you will see that shaving can be fun and relaxing, and not a waste of time at all.