Improving Your Eyes

There are several body parts we take for granted. Sure your feet get consideration and are often taken for granted until something serious happens like a broken bone or ankle injury. Then, of course, your arms are also on the “for granted” list, but what about your two eyes? For some, eyes top the “for granted” list whether you’re young or old. Keep in mind you only have two and if both go “haywire” you will find out in a hurry what “darkness” really looks like. Fortunately in today’s advanced medical community you have solutions to eye problems like cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, plus nearsightedness and farsightedness. It’s called Lasik or Laser surgery.

If you have vision problems and are sick and tired of the continuing hassle with using contacts or prescription glasses you lose or that keep falling down on your nose you may be a candidate for Austin eye lasik surgery. How you can confirm whether you are a viable choice for lasik or not is checking with an experienced eye surgeon who will perform an eye exam to verify if your eyes are healthy enough for the procedure, what kind of vision correction is required and how much lask ablation is needed.

Experience was mentioned in the above paragraph for one reason: “Bargain” prices for lasik. When you read or see an advertisement from a “surgeon” who offers lasik surgery for half of what ordinarily would be the regular charge, you need to either eschew this surgeon or ask a ton of questions about his or her “total” costs without extra fees and their experience. Remember that one LASIK procedure equals one eye even if the surgeon corrects both eyes on the same day; which is a rare occurrence. This is why you need to shop around for a surgeon with years of experience who is also affordable. Referrals are also suggested and the best way to approach that line of thought, is talking with some person you know who used the surgeon of your choice.

Once your procedure is completed your Austin eye lasik surgeon will give you instructions that you need to follow to the letter. Proper rest and prescription eye medications will be part of those instructions. Another part of that advice will include NO driving, so make sure a friend or family member is around to take you home. Lasik outcomes may vary from patient to patient, but most people achieve a vison of 20/20 with lasik. Others may only receive a 20/40 reading which is almost as good and in any case, will not deter you from driving or reading the lower part of the DMV chart.