What cannabis strain is best for pain?

            Chronic pain is one of the most challenging conditions to manage. It is also the primary reason people buy marijuana. Whether it is headaches, arthritis, inflammation, neuropathic pain, spinal injury, fibromyalgia or cramps, cannabis for pain provides the much-needed relief to millions of people. Marijuana works on ache through THC and CBD. THC offers ache-relieving properties by stimulating receptors in the brain to activate the rewarding brain system and lessen the hurting levels. CBD, on the other hand, stimulates pain receptors to apply pain alleviation and anti-inflammatory effects. Here are the most effective cannabis strains to relieve hurting.

Best cannabis strain for pain

White Widow

            If there is one strain of marijuana popular in the world and people do not get of hearing about it is White Widow. The cannabisis a hybrid strain bred in the Netherlands between South Indian Indica and South American Sativa and has a THC content of 18% to 25% and a CBD content of 0.13% to 0.26%. The type of marijuana makes the world of weed better by offering both euphoric benefits and effective treatment. Its high levels of THC alleviate musculoskeletal conditions such as backache, muscle tenderness, spasms, and neck throbbing. Additionally, it offers relief for neuropathic aches such as multiple sclerosis, muscle tension, and fibromyalgia.

Bubba Kush

            Bubba Kush is a prominent indica strain derived from breeding Bubba Kush Back and OG Kush. The resulting product is a strain with high levels of THC of 14-18 percent and less than one percent of CBD. The unique marijuana offers an earthy fruity aroma with a coffee and Kush flavors. Its high THC levels together with its strong narcotic effects give it the ability to fight aches by triggering cannabinoid receptors to alter the functioning of pain receptors, so they relieve you of hurt. Also, it offers a feeling of relaxation and intense high, which shrinks the hurt one experiences.

AK 47

            Despite its scary name, AK 47 is another strain of marijuana that offers pain relief. Categorized as a sativa dominant hybrid, the cannabis for pain possesses a wide array of effects that are important to your body. The marijuana comes from breeding of Colombian, Mexican, Afghani and Thai strains. It is 65 percent sativa, 35 percent indica with friendly THC content ranging from 13-20%. Being sativa dominant cannabis makes it produce short bursts of euphoria, which relieves chronic hurting such as muscle spasms without making you high. Also, it has an uplifting effect, which makes the hurt in your body emerge as lesser.

Blue dream

            Blue dream is a hybrid type of marijuana gotten by crossing the Sativa Haze and Blueberry Indica. The potent cannabis has a high THC content, which averages at a low of 17% and a high of 24% while the CBD content is around 2%. The cannabis for pain is a dreamy bud because of its sweet and pleasant taste of sugar and blueberries that attracts all its users. Its high THC content together with the sweet berry aroma produces an intense high that gives you a numbing sensation making the aches melt away. It also eases the user into a calm euphoria, which relieves the tension in the body and relaxes you, giving you excellent pain relief.

Jack Herer                

            Jack Herer is a popular type of cannabis, named after cannabis activist named Jack Herer. The cross between Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze Hybrid, the strain is considered active in fighting ache like a champ. The cannabis has THC content, which goes as low as 18% and as high as 23%, while the CBD content firmly stands at below 0.2%. It helps to ease hurting by providing an energetic feel that goes a long way towards eliminating ache from a person’s body. Also, it controls the normal functioning of pain receptors, preventing them from passing across hurting impulses to the brain. Thus, lessening the hurt, one feels.

Should you use cannabis to deal with pain?

            Cannabis is a great naturally occurring pharmaceutical ache reliever, and you should opt for it when hurting. Although it has adverse effects, they are less severe than those imposed by pharmaceuticals as it rarely causes addiction. There are overwhelming studies that support its impact as a reliever of body aches; therefore, try any of these, and chronic pain will become a thing of the past to you.