Why Positive People Healthier?

We all know a person in our lives that just doesn’t ever seem down. They’re always there for you too and never seem to let things get to them. Studies have shown that positive people are healthier. Inspire my life, an organization devoted to positive living and who also have many women’s conferences, breaks it all down.

When you’re stressed your body releases chemicals that send you into over drive. A little pressure can be a good thing, but a lot of prolonged stress will cause many physical and mental issues. Working through stress or cutting back on what causes it if you can will help you relax, keep your blood pressure lower and keep your energy up.

Positive people tend to eat more healthfully and this boosts immune systems. When you’re happy, your body doesn’t always crave those comfort foods that are often loaded in fat, carbs and sugars. Positive people are more prone to eating a healthy balanced diet and will often make healthier decisions like choosing to exercise.

Positive people have a great support system. They’ve chosen great friends and healthy relationships. This will help them keep the positive energy flowing and relieve tension and stress during trying times.

It’s not just about being happy. Science proves that our bodies are healthier when we’re positive. Choose to be positive today.

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