Laser Skin Care Pros and Cons

There is no doubt that in the last decade or so, laser skin care has come a long way. It is by far a lot more prevalent and popular than it used to be. This has cause for many people, men and women alike, to consider it. It is important to determine what you want and the best measures of obtaining results. Like anything, laser skin care may not be for everyone and you should always weigh out the pros and cons of anything before making your decision.

The most common procedure for laser skin care options is laser skin resurfacing. This is a noninvasive process that smoothes out your skin, a popular choice among people who have previously suffered from acne and have the consequent scars left over. While laser skin care is always innovating and improving, it really depends on how extreme you want the results to be. Nowadays, most dermatologists and skin care professionals will use a process called Fraxel. While less intensive than previous treatments, you still face the typical side effects and dangers one can expect with any kind of laser activity being directed onto your skin. These side effects can include permanent lightening or darkening of your skin, as well as potential scarring.

Once again, these side effects are contingent with how aggressive you’d like to be when using laser skin care. You need to factor in the discomfort and pain it can cause, how long it may take to recoup and return to work, as well as participate in social situations. This timeframe can vary anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

On the other hand, the popularity of laser skin care speaks for itself. With one procedure (or a few – this is something you need to speak with your skin care specialist about), you can eliminate scarring, bumps and other skin disfigurements that used to seem impossible to remove. While there will be subsequent discomfort after a laser skin procedure, long gone are the days of painful topical ointments and tinctures or very painful, invasive and long hours involving needles and other such tools. The uncomfortable effects are a walk in the park compared to other measures one can take when considering skin care procedures and regiments.

So when considering skin care in Asheville NC, make sure you have explored all your options before selecting the right measure for you. Laser skin care is continually improving and is a very attractive option for anyone looking for a one-time solution to embarrassing or painful skin conditions. As mentioned, be sure to find the regiment and procedure that works best with you and consult with several skin care specialists before pursuing laser skin care