Let’s Makeover Your Face!

It’s normal to have moles on your body but most people have a problem when they are on the face. Moles are actually caused when cells grow in clusters instead of spreading throughout the skin, causing a dark spot. Most are typically harmless, but before you have one removed, a word of advice is to have it checked to make sure it’s not cancerous.

Perhaps you’ve made the decision to have the mole removed. There are several ways to have this procedure done for an unsightly mole because you don’t have to live with something you don’t like. There are two ways to have a mole removed, by excision with stitches or by cauterization. This surgical procedure can be done with an anesthetic to numb the area around the mole.

Excision with stitches involves cutting the area around the mole and removing it, then follow up with stitches to close the wound. A little less invasive is excision with cauterization. The doctor uses a scalpel and shaves the mole down to skin level, sometimes a little below it. Of course this will cause the wound to bleed and the doctor uses either a solution or an electric instrument to cauterize the area.

There are less invasive ways to try mole removal. Florida and other sunny states have a high amount of outdoor activities going on. People are very conscious of their looks and moles may be one of the areas where it affects how they feel about themselves. A person may not be willing to have a wound on their face. If you don’t want to try the invasive procedures, creams are on the market that claim to remove moles. They are not as effective as having it done by a surgical procedure but they may work. It may take a lot longer than having the mole removed.

Mole removal creams are a lot cheaper than surgical procedures. In theory, the creams require you to scratch the mole, causing an opening so the cream you put on will dry up the mole by burning the skin.This will cause the skin under the mole to scar and when the scar falls off, it takes the mole along. Does it work? It’s possible, but it can also cause your skin to pit or leave a scar.

If you are looking to have any mole removal in Florida done, always consider the different choices available before doing anything yourself. The bottom line is let a professional take care of your face.