Relieving Stress

Being a part of today’s society, it is hard to avoid the stress in one’s everyday life. As it is inevitable in both our professional and private surroundings, the main problem is recognizing it. Spending most of our time in that stressed state we are so familiar with, we have actually forgotten what being completely relaxed feels like. Even though it has grown to be a very normal even expected state it is not to be underestimated, as it is indeed a silent killer.

As mentioned above, the first step forward to overcoming stress is being aware of how stressed out one is. To do so, you need to take an objective point of view towards yourself mostly by observing your body’s reactions to everyday situations such as the way your breathing has changed to shallow, your muscles are tense or your hands clenched. If you pay attention you will most certainly notice the difference between these, and the reactions of a tired body.

Listed below are a few tips for quickly regulating your body’s stress level.

  • Pleasant visual surroundings whether real or imaginative ones, them being soothing and inspiring images, will help you relax your senses. Start by looking up your favorite photos, bringing the outside ambient indoors, surrounding yourself with cheerful colors or simply picturing yourself in a peaceful setting. By doing this you will give you emotions a different, positive direction and set your mind off, if only for a while.
  • If you are sensitive to sounds, noises and music a few simple stress-relieving exercises will help you focus while obviously dropping your body’s stress level. Consider uplifting music, both listening and humming it. Get used to listening to continuous nature sounds, such as waves crushing or birds singing, these will settle your heart rate and even out your breathing while trying to fall asleep or even focusing on today’s work tasks.
  • Take a break from technology. Turn off the much-loved flat screen TV in your living room. Make sure you turn your phone off when trying to relax. Shutting yourself down in a room and trying to avoid interaction won’t help you, but do try switching from phone calls to actual face-to-face conversations with someone pleasant.
  • An inevitable recommendation is obliging physical activities. Get up, dance around, stretch out and take a walk from time to time and as often as possible. Your hearth will appreciate the continuous rhythm and the easy breathing in pace with your motion.

Stress, anxiety and depression are emotional states that, if timely recognized, can even be self-regulated and treated. Over 20 years of researches developed by   HearthMath and dedicated to this problem, have shown that we can easily help ourselves if we are willing to embrace the opportunities offered by modern technology. HeartMath offers coaching and training programs, by using innovative technology using practical methods that enable people to live a healthier and more productive both personal and professional life.