Women and Drugs

Drug studies show that drug use among women has grown over the last decade. It is not surprising that more women are opting to use recreational drugs. Why? Well, it all boils down to availability. Drugs are available on the streets, in the clubs, and via prescriptions. This increase has led to a new demand for Womens Drug Treatment Centers. Statistics show that most drug treatment centers are geared toward men and their special requirements. Consequently, those treatment centers are more effective for the male population. They simply do not address the unique problems that led women to abusing drugs. Let’s take a closer look at women and drugs.

Statistics show that nearly half of the women under fifty years of age in the United States have tried drugs at least once in their life. Studies further show that about half of those women go on to abuse drugs. This is an astounding fact that will probably play a major role in recognizing drug abuse among women.

There are numerous health risks involved, but women still abuse drugs. Drug abuse might start innocently. For example, a young teen starts smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoking results in a euphoric feeling. This pleasant feeling leads to experimenting with alcohol and finally drugs. Studies also suggest that young teen girls and older women are more susceptible to drugs than their male counterparts. This exposes a need for specifically designed drug treatment geared toward women.

Womens Drug Treatment expresses a need to treat the entire individual physically and emotionally. Thus, the woman’s well-being is important to facilitate successful treatment. This will allow the woman to open up and express her feelings to the drug counselors. Studies also show that women feel more at ease when surrounded by other women experiencing the same issues.

The centers that treat women also offer the same type of services that are part of a customary drug abuse treatment center. For example, they might receive intense therapy to stay clean, receive detoxification treatment, and holistic healing treatment.

Further studies show that a drug treatment center that is especially for women allows women to share their pain without feeling fear or shame. Why? Well, women show support and empathy that a male environment lacks. Some studies also demonstrate that a woman’s drug center might help women heal emotionally and cure depressive behavior that leads to drug abuse. This is commonly due to the supportive feeling in the centers.